Monday, 7 March 2011

Kareena Kapoor pays tribute to Sridevi

Bebo pays tribute to one of her icons: Sridevi. Kareena is well known to have turned down tributes in the past but this is one she just had to say yes to. It basically involved some family/friends politics and sweet arm-twisting (see: Ekta Kapoor - Jeetendra's daughter). Kajol was seen in the audience cheering her colleague on. Madhuri was sat right behind Sridevi and seemed to be enjoying the show. Sri herself looked hot. However the performance didn't deliver the goods. I blame the direction. Kareena can kill a performance when she's well directed, but unfortunately it didn't work. The girl needs to work on her expressions. Come on, if you're paying homage to Sridevi, that's one thing you've got to get right.

Now let's take a look and see how it really should be done.
Priyanka Chopra paying homage to Madhuri Dixit at the Filmfare Awards 2011:


  1. Prachi Desai performance at the Golden Indian Awards was also amazing like Kareena's, how come you didn't post that video.
    Maybe you feel she doesn't have the same worth or value as the others. Sad.
    Celebrate every actor on your blog big or small and not only a selected few, it will make our world a better place.

  2. Hello Anonymous - thank you for your comment. UBD appreciates all feedback. Firstly, I was unaware of Prachi Desai's performance. The reason why I knew about Kareena's performance is because I am a big Sridevi fan and like to keep up to date with everything about her. I have in the past written about Prachi Desai - do a search, you'll find it on my blog.