Monday, 28 February 2011

UBD Magazine Covers: February 2011

So here's a new feature, every month I will post the 4 hottest magazine cover's of the month and you can choose your favourite one. Here are 4 of the hottest UBDs of February:

Aishwarya Rai - 'Vogue India' - February 2011
Anushka Sharma - Filmfare - February 2011
Shruti Haasan - FHM India - February 2011
Katrina Kaif - GQ India - February 2011

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Koffee With Karan: Madhuri Dixit + Sonakshi Sinha

The diva of all divas Madhuri Dixit appeared on another great diva's show tonight: 'Koffee With Karan'. Joined by the stunning starlet Sonakshi Sinha it was a very enjoyable and pleasant episode. Check it out, check it out!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

UBD's Upcoming Movie Trailers

Movie: Game
Divas: Kangana Ranaut, Sarah-Jane Dias, Shahana Goswami
Release: 1st April

Movie: Thank You
Divas: Sonam Kapoor, Rimi Sen, Celina Jaitley, Vidya Balan, Mallika Sherawat
Release: 8th April

Movie: Dum Maro Dum
Divas: Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone
Release: 22nd April

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Movie Review: 7 Khoon Maaf

Vishal Bhardwaj is one of India's leading film-makers of his generation. With recent successful films such as 'Ishqiya' (2010), 'Kaminey (2009), 'Omkara' (2006) he has shown how well he can portray characters and create worlds that are realistic yet reel-istic too.

To say that '7 Khoon Maaf' carried super high expectations would be apt. Apart from the obvious (VB), there was the long list of acclaimed actors in the cast. The music took off with 'Darling' topping the charts and marking the comeback of legendary superstar of the 70s Usha Uthup. Ever since the trailer came out everyone was going gaga over it.

Priyanka Chopra has quite a rare quality which is an almost equal balance of mass appeal and box office numbers coupled with tons of critical acclaim and numerous prestigious awards. So now with the scene set, let's get on with the review.

After I watched it, somebody asked me what I thought and I didn't know what to say. One thing was for sure though - I was disappointed. I expected something more. I expected a much tighter and more thoroughly thought-out screenplay. The patchy screenplay is one of the film's major flaws. The other huge flaw is the characterisation of it's protagonist.

I can't understand how someone as talented as Vishal Bhardwaj would make a film with such an unrefined character: Susannah. I felt he wasn't sure how he wanted her to be portrayed. It seems he was stuck between presenting her as a mentally abused character and on the other hand as a 'normal' everyday girl. And I think he ended up picking both. Unfortunately when you do 2 things half-way, the result is not going to be good.

The back-story of Susannah showed that she was abused as a child and had gone through much trauma and this in effect shaped her as a person, and all that is fine - but then we see her becoming this neutral character with her head on her shoulders and behaving like any old country house woman - which is also fine. But what does not sit finely with me is when we flip through both these different character types without any real reason.

'7KM' is far from a bad film - in fact it's very interesting and I'd recommend it to one and all because it's very unusual and entertaining. I just feel like it should have been so much more.

Neil Nitin Mukesh looks very sexy and plays his part well. The moustache suits him and I would love to see him sporting it more often. John Abraham has acted very badly, excluding his final scene. He was completely flat and utterly crap in 90% of his role. His story also went on for too long. Aleksandr Dyachenko does a fine job. Irrfan Khan is excellent. I don't usually like him much but he was superb in this. Annu Kapoor was outstanding - what a talent. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Naseeruddin is very good as usual.

The surprise package of the film is newcomer Vivaan Shah (son of Naseeruddin). He does very well holding the film together. A talent to look out for. He's also very cute so can't wait to see a lot more of him. Konkona Sen in a special appearance is a lovely addition to the massive cast. She is one of the best actresses in India today, very easily one of the top few.

Now onto the DIVA. Piggy Chops as we all lovingly call her has such an interesting character to play. I feel like she was let down by the director, but all that aside I think she's done a fantastic job. 9 out of 10 actresses would not be able to do justice to the role, but Priyanka excels. Her face is very expressive. When she cries, it hurts. When she laughs you smile. When she looks demented, you sh*t your pants! And she looks beautiful in every frame - even as a 60 year old.

The last scene of the movie is what give it most of it's ratings. It's so scary and at the same time it's hilarious and shocking and just awe-mazing. You have to check it out for yourself.

I expect nominations at least for Piggy Chops and awards unless one of the other divas snatch her wig before the end of the year. So let's see...!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ultimate Bollywood Divas - Trivia Bonanza

Did you know...

Sridevi as Chandni in 'Chandni'

Rekha turned down Sridevi's role in 'Chandni' [1989]

Madhuri as Sawaswati in 'Beta'

Sridevi turned down Madhuri Dixit's role in 'Beta' [1992]


Juhi as Kiran in 'Darr'

Madhuri Dixit turned down Juhi Chawla's role in 'Darr' [1993]

Karisma as Nisha in 'Dil To Pagal Hai'

Juhi Chawla turned down Karisma Kapoor's role in 'Dil To Pagal Hai [1997]

Urmila as Jahnvi in 'Judaai'

Karisma Kapoor turned down Urmila Matondkar's role in 'Judaai' [1997]

Rani as Tina in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'

Urmila Matondkar turned down Rani Mukerji's role in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'[1998]

Tabu as Ashima in 'The Namesake'

Rani Mukerji turned down Tabu's role in 'The Namesake' [2007]

Lara Dutta as Bindiya in 'Billu Barber'

Tabu turned down Lara Dutta's role in 'Billu Barber' (2009)

Kareena Kapoor as Raina Khanna in 'Main Aurr Mrs Khanna'

Lara Dutta turned down Kareena Kapoor's role in 'Main Aurr Mrs Khanna' (2009)

Priyanka Chopra as Meghna in 'Fashion'

Kareena Kapoor turned down Priyanka Chopra's role in 'Fashion'

Aishwarya Rai as Amiran in Umrao Jaan

Priyanka Chopra turned down Aishwarya Rai's role in 'Umrao Jaan' (2006)

Vidya Balan has a special appearance in 'Dum Maaro Dum'

Aishwarya Rai turned down Vidya Balan's role in 'Dum Maaro Dum' (2011)

Konkona Sen Sharma as Chutki in 'Laaga Chunaari Mein Daag'

Vidya Balan turned down Konkona Sen Sharma's role in 'Laaga Chunari Mein Daag' (2007)

Kangna Ranaut as Tanuja in 'Tanu Weds Manu'

Konkona Sen Sharma rejected Kangna Ranaut's role in 'Tanu Weds Manu' (2011)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Movie Review: Patiala House

 Why is it that every person in this film has an Indian accent when most of them were supposed to have been raised in London's Southall? Well that's what you get with these types of big budget movies; where they gloss over any realism. How am I, as a viewer, expected to believe the characters and the world created by the director when it is so unreal, even in the smallest of aspects.

Luckily I got over this "technical glitch" pretty soon, because once the story unfolded, I was willing to forgive. Akshay Kumar is a great actor. He emotes very well and it's very easy to sympathise with him, as he rarely over-does it. Rishi Kapoor on the other hand borders on 'over the top' at times. The supremely talented and beautiful Dimple Kapadia was completely and utterly wasted in the movie. Okay, I know in reality she is only 10 years older than Akshay Kumar, and he has in the past worked opposite Rekha and Sridevi who are both older than him, so the makers decided to make her look very old, but the result was just ghastly. She barely has more than 6 lines in the entire movie.

I had read reviews of the film before I went to see it, so I had certain expectations. One of the reviewers said that Anushka Sharma should do a role where she doesn't have to talk so much for a change - but I strongly disagree. There is something about her that reminds me of 2 actresses. One Divya Bharti and two Preity Zinta. She has the vibrant vivacity about her and it looks just so natural. So many of her contemporaries try so hard at looking natural on screen, yet Anu does it with such ease.

Yes, there are way too many characters to keep track of in the supporting cast, but it doesn't really matter because the family as a whole are so endearing and are united in their fear against their patriarch figure played by Kapoor.

Technically the film is impressive on the whole. Credit must go to the cinematographer Santosh Thundiiayil and the crew behind the impressive camera work especially during the retro scenes for their genuinuity.

The music is not good. Not fantastic but just good. ''Laungda Lishkara" is the best track and "Rola Pe Gaya" is a good experimental fusion track. Anushka looks amazing in the desi half of the latter. What a treat.

Casting by Gilly Poole was very well done as I was impressed by certain smaller characters, and they really made the movie worthwhile, even at times when it was becoming a tad monotonous. Jeneva Talwar as Preity Kahlon plays Akshay's sister-in-law and she's very good. Her voice is commanding. I was most impressed by however Maya Sarao who plays Manmeet Kahlon, Akshay's cousin(?) who is soon to be married. She is very funny and one of the highlights of the movie. Hard Kaur makes her debut as an actress and is completely unrecogniseable in her salwar-kurtas, but once she gets into her shiny gold hot pants we realise how good she is in disguise.

The story itself is very predictable and at times the screenplay is lazy, but it's a fun movie to watch and it does entertain. A lot. Especially in the second half and towards the end it really picks up. When all the kids 'come out the closet' to their father.

Best thing about the movie is Akshay's acting and Anushka's on-screen magic. Once again she overshadows her male co-star like a true world class ultimate bollywood diva!

Rating: 3 Stars

Friday, 18 February 2011

UBD's Bollywood-Bytes 18-Feb-2011

Priyanka Chopra
The former Miss World has been rumoured to be joining the star cast of 'Dhoom 3'. Last week we heard that Aamir Khan had been confirmed to be joining the franchise and now Piggy Chops seems to be the front-runner for the new female lead which was last played by Aishwarya Rai, supported by the fabulous Bipasha Basu. Rumour also has it that 'Slumdog Millionaire' star Freida Pinto is in talks for a role in the movie.

Anushka Sharma
She has received universal praise for her role in 'Patiala House' as Simran, starring alongside fellow UBD Dimple Kapadia. The 22-year old actress has signed her next movie. Another Yash Raj Productions like her first 3, it will also star Ranveer Singh. The couple were last seen together in December's hit film 'Band Baaja Baaraat'.

Sushmita Sen
Former Miss Universe has expressed her hopes that India would once again bring home the title she won 17 years ago. The ultimate diva tweeted:  "I so want India to win Miss Universe again. It's a victory long due. I know you feel the same way... All thoughts and ideas are welcome. Let's as a team find that beautiful and intelligent representative from India,". Well it would be nice to find another winner, since the last one was Lara Dutta in 2000.

Katrina Kaif
Has signed a film with Salman Khan. It is set to be produced by Yash Raj Films. Apart from Salman's cameos in Katrina's films in recent years, this will be their first outing together since 2008's 'Yuvvraaj' which bombed at the box office. They previously had hits in 2005 (Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?) and 2007 (Partner).

Rani Mukerji
Our favourite Bong Princess Rani was seen at a recent launch of a womens cricket website. She seems to be doing more self-promotion than ever in her career. I say go for it! She as won over the masses with her latest film 'No One Killed Jessica' so she better rake in all the attention while she can. The 32-year old star is currently working on a new project with Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan.

Narmada Ahuja
Govinda's daughter Narmada is aiming for a slimline figure to mark her entry into B-town. "I make sure I eat according to my activities and balance my diet according to the available food. Yoga advocates the need for moderation in food and the tendency to eat healthy to live and not live to eat,".She is yet to sign a film but is getting into shape in preparation. Good on you girl. Rumour has it she was supposed to debut opposite Salman Khan, but he felt uncomfortable as Govinda is one of his closest buddies. And since then the 2 have not been on talking terms.

Monday, 14 February 2011

UBD's Valentine's Special

I have compiled a list of the most romantic song from each of the last 10 winners of Filmfare's Best Actress Award. Enjoy. And have a very beautiful day with your loved ones.

10. Vidya Balan
Film: Ishqiya
Song: Dil Toh Bachcha Hai
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Co-star: Nasseerudhin Shah
Year: 2010

9. Priyanka Chopra
Film: Krrish
Song: Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Co-star: Hrithik Roshan
Year: 2006

8. Kareena Kapoor
Film: Tashan
Song: Falak Tak
Singer: Mahalaxmi Iyer
Co-star: Akshay Kumar
Year: 2008

7. Rani Mukerji
Film: Ta Ra Rum Pum
Song: Hey Shona
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan
Co-star: Saif Ali Khan
Year: 2007

6. Preity Zinta
Film: Jhoom Barabar Jhoom
Song: Bol Na Halke Halke
Singer: Mahalaxmi Iyer
Co-star: Abhishek Bachchan
Year: 2007

5. Aishwarya Rai
Film: Kuch Naa Kaho
Song:Achhe Lagte Ho
Singer: Kavita Krishnamurthy
Co-star: Abhishek Bachchan
Year: 2003

4. Karisma Kapoor
Film: Chal Mere Bhai
Song: Chori Chori Sapno Mein
Singer: Alka Yagnik
Co-star: Salman Khan
Year: 2000

3. Kajol
Film: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Ghum
Song: Suraj Hua Madham
Singer: Alka Yagnik
Co-star: Shah Rukh Khan
Year: 2001

2. Juhi Chawla
Film: One 2 Ka 4
Song: Khamoshiyan Gungunane Lagi 
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Co-star: Shah Rukh Khan 
Year: 2001

1. Madhuri Dixit
Film: Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Song: Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam
Singer: Anuradha Paudwal
Co-star: Shah Rukh Khan
Year: 2002

Saturday, 12 February 2011

UBD's Bollywood-Bytes 12-Feb-2011

Kareena Kapoor
It has been confirmed that Bebo will be dancing to classic Sridevi songs at an upcoming award show. Apparently Sridevi has stated that Kareena is her favourite actress of the current lot, and that persuaded her to say yes. Kareena's first and last tribute was to her sister Karisma at the 2004 Filmfare Awards.

Vidya Balan
The lady is tipped to bag a role in the sequel to last year's 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai' opposite Akshay Kumar. The diva is currently in talks with the film's producers Balaji Telefilms headed by Ekta Kapoor, who are also considering Kareena Kapoor for the same role.

Deepika Padukone
The recently single, or so we heard, diva is all set to follow into Aishwarya Rai's footsteps once again by starring in a movie with the legendary Rajnikanth. The actress was considering the role for a while but we hear that she has signed the dotted line. The film will be on a large scale and a huge budget, and is expected to go on the floors late this year with a mid-2012 release date.

Sonakshi Sinha
Not only has she wiped out every newcomer award at every single show this season, she is replacing actresses in films left right and centre. Recently she was added to the star casts of 'Joker', 'Race 2' and 'Housefull 2', replacing the likes of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. But now we hear that she has replaced Katrina once again, except this time in an ad. The soap company Dyna signed up the 23-year old star to their brand and quoted her as saying "I am happy to step into her lovely shoes".

Shilpa Shetty
The 35-year old diva has launched her own brand of healthy eating food in London's Camden town.
"Vegetables are a vital source of vitamins and minerals, but vegetarian doesn't have to mean bland and rubbery food. Indian vegetarian never compromises on flavour and proves that eating healthy can also be tasty." she proclaimed. I might check the food out for myself as she does look super healthy.

Kangana Ranaut
The young diva recently completed a full-on punjabi style dance routine in one day, when in fact it was scheduled for 3. Ultimate choreographing diva Saroj Khan was surprised as Kangana is not known for her dancing abilities. The song was shot with Mika and will also feature Jimmy Shergill and R Madhavan. Kangana's new movie will be released this month. 'Tanu Weds Manu' make sure you check it out.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Upcoming Movies

Let us take a look at the first looks of upcoming films starring our favourite Ultimate Bollywood Divas"
Film: Thank You
Release Date: 8th April

UBDs: Sonam Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Rimi Sen, Mallika Sherawat, Vidya Balan

Film: Dum Maro Dum
Release Date: 22nd April
UBDs: Bipasha Basu, Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone

Film: Game
Release Date: 1st April
UBDs: Kangana Ranaut, Sarah-Jane Dias, Shahana Goswami

Thursday, 3 February 2011

UBD's Bollywood-Bytes 03-Feb-2011

Deepika Padukone
In November last year Deepika stated she would love to work with Hrithik Roshan. A month later her movie 'Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey' was released and Hrithik personally called our Deepi up and told her how great he thought she was. Rumour has it she is hoping to bag the role in his next production 'Krrish 3'. Earlier reports were in favour of Priyanka or Katrina, but looks like Deepu has got this one in the bag as she is yet to work with him.

The southern beauty is all set to re-start her career in Bollywood. The 2-film old actress will replace Deepika Padukone in the upcoming sequel opposite Akshay Kumar: 'Housefull 2'. Shooting is set to start at the end of the summer, with a release date for early 2012.

Neetu Chandra
To put it simply: she was left out of the promos for 'No Problem'. And to her surprise the director of the film Anees Bazmi pleaded nonchalance. Apparently she didn't know that she wouldn't be featured in the trailer or the main posters. That's Bollywood for you.

Bipasha Basu
Recently the Bengali beauty patched up her differences with Salman Khan. We all know there was a cold war between John + Sallu, but luckily Bips made the move just before the 'Being Human' campaign started, so we got to see her with all the other divas.

Manisha Koirala
The actress is currently working on Onir's 'I Am' alongside fellow 90s UBD Juhi Chawla. Holidaying at the moment in Bangladesh, the actress has recently stated that marriage is overrated. She said "To marry out of social pressure or because your biological clock is racing away, or you're thinking of security in your old age are all frivolous reasons to get hitched. I don't understand this hoo-ha over marriage... maybe it works for some. As of now, Samrat and I are together, and we're giving this relationship our best shot".

Zarine Khan
Rumour has it the 25-year old actress who made her debut last year with 'Veer' is all set to once again team up with Salman Khan as she is due to start shooting for David Dhawan's 'Partner 2' in the coming months. She will be playing a new character, that of Govinda's sister.