Friday, 21 January 2011

Movie Review: No One Killed Jessica

'No One Killed Jessica' is a film packed with powerhouse performances, superb dialogue & characterisation, and to top it all off a thrilling soundtrack & background score.

It's fair to say that the makers have done an astonishing job with the marketing of this film. Ever since the trailer was released back in November, not only did Rani's popularity surge into the stratosphere like a NASA rocket; at the same time it enticed movie-goers with a film to look forward to in the new year. The buzz around the film grew in abundance. Credit must also be given to Amit Trivedi for the musical aspect of this promotion - but more on that later.

Time and time again trailers are released, they create hype, we flock to the theatre on release date, and we come back disappointed. So what was it about NOKJ that was different? Well not only did they have a great story on hand, but the makers excelled on a technical level. Take for example the film's lighting. You might not have particularly noticed it, but the lighting on this film was nothing short of enriching and it totally enhanced the whole experience of watching the film. Massive brownie points to cinematographer Anay Goswamy and the entire camera and lighting crew for their brilliant effort.
Another plus point of the film was the dialogue and characterisation. I have never been to Delhi but Raj Kumar Gupta created a world which the characters brought alive and it was at the same time inviting and provoking.

Now onto the stars of the film. Vidya Balan is par excellence. Making her debut in 2005's 'Parineeta' she wowed udienceds and hasn't looked back since. She had a few mis-steps in her career ('Kismat Konnection'; by her own admission) but ever since her award winning performances in 2009's 'Paa' and 2010's 'Ishqiya' she is on a winning streak. Her character goes on a journey. She plays her part with heartfelt subtlety yet with full on emotions. 
It has to be said that by far the most outstanding thing about NOKJ is: RANI MUKERJI. The diva is back! Not only does she kick arse in every frame, but she leaves you with a lasting impression, and of course wanting more. The more I say about Rani's work in NOKJ, the less it seems worthy. You just have to check it out for yourself.
Other cast members that stood out were of course Myra Karn who played the role of Jessica very aptly; Neil Bhoopalam who played Vikram, the friend who got bribed, and Samara Chopra who played Naina. However I must say that other certain members of the supporting cast were terrible. Namely Geeta Sudan who played Jessica's mother - but that could be due to the fact of badly timed dubbing. Spcial mention goes to the girl who played Promila - her one line "Kutti" kills me and my friend Vishi-pie every time. LOL

Amit Trivedi has composed an astonishing soundtrack and background score. The music really brings to life the story and adds to the drama. It's simply incredible. Stand-out tracks include the theme which is played throughout: 'Dilli'; the angsty-rock Vidya Balan tune 'Aitbaar'; and the feisty-fun-in-your-face Rani Mukerji theme 'Aali Re'.

There is however a downside to the movie and that is it's pace. It could have worked better if it was edited more tightly, more in line with how the trailer was - keeping a thrilling theme throughout. But despite this minor glitch, I would recommend the film as it is entertaining but also an important social film that deserves a wide audience.
I think it's safe to say that in a year's time, we will be congratulating Rani, Vidya, Raj Kumar, Amit Trivedi and others during the award season for their stupendous effort in 'No One Killed Jessica'.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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