Thursday, 16 December 2010

Tees Maar Khan Promotions in London

Sheila Mania hits London.

Last night I was one of the lucky few who won tickets to be in the audience of BBC Asian Network Radio's "A Conversation with... Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Farah Khan" - hosted by Raj & Pablo.

Let's start off talking about Katrina. I wouldn't say I am her biggest fan, but I do like her as a performer and personality. She looked absolutely stunning. The entire team were dressed all in black. Akshay in a suit. Farah in a glitzy long top and trousers, whilst Katrina opted for a black fur coat over her shirt and skirt.

I must say that the hosts did a miserable job and asked some of the stupidest questions I've ever heard. You can see for yourself when the mess of an interview appears online. Farah Khan tried her best to up the entertainment. Akshay did a marvellous job, and Katrina was composed but personable, and very endearing.

The interview was all over the place. I hope the editors do a good job because it was half full of trash.

The team later went on to a local cinema in Feltham to launch the sale of a select number of advance tickets.

'Tees Maar Khan' will be showing worldwide this Christmas and is set to break box office records.

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